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UNAJE: Young Entrepeneur and Businessmen Expo 2021

One of our first collaborations was for an incredible event organized by UNAJE to celebrate 20 years supporting young businessmen and women in Argentina. We designed their first NFT and managed their crytpo stand during the event, welcoming them to the blockchain world.

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MANGO: DCL Metaverse Fashion Week 2022

We had the priviledge of assisting Mango with the design and managemente of the first ever MVFW held in Decentraland in 2022. Our artist "Farkas" created three unique and authentic NFTs inspired by Mango's incredible apparel as well as two wearables created for Decentraland. The event was a complete success, ushering Mango into the Metaverse.

Mango Metagirl Promotional Poster (50%).png
Tango D10S: Grand Unvieling 2022

Tango D10S is a company endorsed by the Maradona family that provides a unique private jet experience for the most devoted fans of what some consider the greatest football player of all time: Diego Maradona. During the opening event where the customized jet was unveiled, we provided 100 deserving guests a unique NFT specially designed as a collectible trinket immortalizing that special day.

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MANGO: Mango Loves 5th Avenue 2022

Our second collaboration with Mango was a virtual event in Decentraland that ran parallel to Mango's grand opening of their store on 5th Av. New York. This included the creation and presentation of several NFTs, wearables, as well as the emission of POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) on the blockchain. The event was a massive success.

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